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What do we sell?
We sell the best rated Mountain bikes brands in the UK. If you can’t see what you are looking for, then please ask. We can order in and provide excellent after sales and warranty services too.

Bike stock list is updated every Friday.

Click on a brand, or get in touch to check stock and ask for advice.

Are you a specialist shop?
We are the only shop in Monmouthshire to stock Specialized bikes, and we are one of only five bike shops in the UK selling Forbidden bike frames

We also have Whyte Bikes, Early Rider and Yeti!

Pop in to check our range of bikes in Monmouth.  We also offer a great range of bike parts, accessories and clothing from all the major brands for mountain biking and leisure cycling.

We are riders—that fact has guided our every decision since 1974. When quality tires weren’t around, we strove to make the best. When people wanted to ride cruisers in the dirt, we made the first production mountain bike. When roadies wanted to go faster, we doubled-down on carbon and built our own wind tunnel. And when we saw kids struggling to focus in school, we started the Specialized Foundation to help them through cycling. Specialized. Made for riders, by riders.
"Have a good time, all the time" - Viv Savage/Spinal Tap We've been building bikes and friendships in the mountain bike community for almost 20 years. And while it seems like yesterday we were shipping bikes out of Kevin's creepy basement, we are excited about where we have come and how we have grown as a company. We have always been about connecting with our customers and being an open and transparent company that welcomes all. We got into this for the friendships, the riding, and creating a unique place to work. Yeah, we're a little bigger now but the philosophy has never changed. We thank you for all the love and support we have gotten over the years and can't wait to see you on the trails. - Kevin Menard & Kyle Young (Owners)
The ten out of tens and five out of fives review scores our bikes have been getting are partly down to another set of numbers. The ones that make up Whyte’s unique geometry and ride character. Whether it’s our Alp taming, EWS thoroughbred G170 series bikes, our entry level 600 series trail hardtails or our mould-breaking, award-winning Wessex road bikes every Whyte is designed to create a unique chemistry with its rider to let you go faster, further and more comfortably in total confidence.