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At Ace Bicycles, we believe the best way to choose your next bike is to demo the bike properly; with the correct setup out on the terrain you regularly ride.

We have a large range of demo bikes on offer and all our full suspension bikes on the shop floor (on display) also double up as demo bikes, and if we don’t have it we’ll work with the brand directly to arrange a demo for you at a time that suits.

Forbidden Druid Large

  • XC
  • 150/130
  • 29er or Mullet

The no holds barred Druid XT was specced from the ground up with performance and rock-solid reliability in mind, two elements you’ll want when you hit the terrain this tearaway was designed for. Our ‘One Ride’ geometry philosophy ensures consistent sizing across the spectrum, giving riders of all shapes and sizes a shared ride experience aboard the Druid. The 65.6-degree head tube angle, an ‘actual’ seat tube angle and stack height that increases per size back this up and the front and rear centres, which similarly grow per size, dish out one of the most balanced rides going. With 150mm travel up front and 130mm in the rear, combined with a suspension system that eliminates unwanted and detrimental drivetrain forces, the Druid XT will be begging you to go places few trail bikes dare.

Specialized Levo SL Comp Carbon- Large

  • Trail
  • 150/150
  • 29er

The Turbo Levo SL looks like a Stumpjumper and, out on the trail, feels like one too. That’s no mistake. We aimed to build a Stumpjumper with a bit more boost to it and that’s exactly what you get—a Sidearm chassis with just the right amount of front-to-rear stiffness and 150mm of smooth, custom-tuned FOX rear suspension. To top it all off, we constructed this Turbo Levo SL chassis entirely from our light-yet-strong FACT 11m carbon.

The lightweight SL 1.1 motor doubles your effort with as much as 240 watts of silent and powerful assistance to your pedals. The motor’s responsive torque curve delivers power perfectly in-tune with your normal riding cadence and leaves no resistance when you’re riding without power assistance.

Worried about running out of power? No problem. Turbo Levo SL eats up big miles and long days. And if you’re looking for even more miles, our optional range extender boosts your range by another 50 percent. On top of all that, our Mission Control App can handle battery management automatically, ensuring your battery will last as long as you need it to.

Yeti SB-150 Large

  • Enduro
  • 160/150
  • 29er

“Race bred”. It’s not just a slogan printed on the SB150 top tube. Racing is the sole reason we exist. We’ve been pinning on numbers and pinning the throttle since 1985. So when choices had to be made on the SB150, every single one was made in the name of unbridled speed. See also: unabashed, unapologetic. Some may say it’s too slack, too low, too long, too different. And we say they can shop elsewhere. But for pilots who know how to push hard and reap reward, this bike quickly earns the title of top whip. The ultimate example of breeding a bike to beat the clock.

How Demos Work

Option One:

  • Call the shop, fill in the contact form below or visit the store to book a demo for a time and day that suits you.
  • To reserve the bike and secure the demo date we’ll take a demo fee in full – £75 for all full suspension or £100 for e-bikes.
  • When you collect the bike, the staff member handing over the bike will do a proper in-depth setup with you, looking at more that just the sag! We will open up forks and shocks while you’re in the shop to make sure the bike is setup as best as possible. We can also look at changing controls and contact points if needed to further improve on the experience where possible.
  • Once the bike is ready you’ll need to complete a demo form in store or via e-mail. A credit card authorisation for the value of the bike will be needed and a photo ID will be required at this point.
  • You will need to complete this form (click)
  • Then off you go for a ride.
  • When finished, drop the bike back, discuss your thoughts with us and we’ll look further into options or setup where needed.

Option Two:

Cost: £200 refundable against a bike purchase.

Time: This tends to take from 4 – 6 hours.

This is a 1-on-1 riding session with Tobias or Gareth, the shop owners, who have a wealth of experience setting up suspension and bikes with customers on a personal level from years either working for Fox Suspension or British Cycling.

Trust us, they have a very keen eye for detail!

We will meet you at the Pedalabikeaway Cycle Centre, in the Forest of Dean.

We can also discuss the option of bringing up to two or more demo bikes at a time to allow for back to back testing. Throughout the session they then ride with you watching the way you ride to help fine tune setup to you exactly. These settings are then all noted and transferred into your new/current bike so from day one it rides exactly how it did on the demo ride.

To book this option, please fill in the form below, pick up the phone or pop into the shop to discuss things further, the coffee is always on at Ace Bicycles Monmouth!

Go On… Be Ace!

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